Elinor Schack

Elinor Schack is a retired nurse who supported her husband in a Neurology practice in Escondido.  They have three daughters and five grandchildren.  They lost their home in the Rancho Bernardo Trails, but rather than rebuilding moved back to Escondido.  Currently their focus is on their family, traveling, and in many different charitable organizations.  Elinor serves as the president of the FUS SC Board of Directors.


Norma Heeter

Norma Heeter is a retired teacher who taught 39 years, mostly High School Spanish.  She is married, has one daughter, a son-in-law and two grandchildren.  She is currently the president of San Diego Education Association-Retired, ready to start her sixth year in that position.  She was active in the FUS Warehouse projects and has served on the FUS SC board since its inception.


Joann Kling

Joann Kling lost her home in Ramona which she shares with her parents and sister.  She is retired from a 35 year career in supply chain management in the semiconductor industry which lead her around the world.  Her first passion has been 17th century French Literature, for which she has a PhD.  She serves as the FUS Treasurer.


Janice Strizver

Janice Strizver is currently a registered nurse in the NICU at UCSD Medical Center.  She has been a nurse for the past 37 years.  She is also a wife of 30 years and mother of two adult sons.  She is an active member of the FUS SC and was one of the founders of our recovery warehouse project.  Using her past skills as a business owner and salesperson she obtained over $1 million dollars of merchandise for the fire survivors of 2007.  She is also active in her church as a Sunday school teacher and evangelism mentor.



Noemi Mora

Noemi Mora was born in Mexico, the last child of a family of nine. She loves being around children, the elderly and survivors. She received her Bachelors of Science from California State Northridge.  She worked in the oil and petroleum industry for 14 years.  She enjoys being part of the Fired Up Sisters because this group of women boost her confidence and self esteem with all their support.