Fired Up Sisters Southern California is a group of women who have lost their homes in the 2007 Witch Creek and associated wildfires.  Our mission is to work together to transform problems into possibilities and obstacles into opportunities.


We invite you to join us! Please check the calendar for information on our next meeting or event


Fired Up Sisters Southern California assists in ongoing disaster recovery related to the 2007 Southern California wildfires, fire preparedness, as well as future disaster recovery efforts.   Since its inception following the 2007 San Diego Wildfires, Fired Up Sisters (FUS) Southern California, has served as a disaster relief and an emotional support group for those who have lost their homes in the catastrophe.  FUS serves fire impacted families in San Diego County y providing and coordinating ongoing physical, financial, and emotional resources to help rebuild the homes and lives of all those affected.


We believe that is not the events of our lives that make us happy or miserable – it’s what we choose to DO about them that make the difference.   Knowledge is power.  Regardless of the issues we are facing, it is our goal to turn life’s lemons into something sweet.